Ben Goodman - Partner 

Ben is the founder of Eastie Realty, LLC, where he combines his passion for real estate, investment savvy and affection for East Boston to assist clients with their real estate transactions. He holds a B.A. in International Commerce from Brown University and an MBA from U.C. Berkeley. He is proficient in both Spanish and Portuguese. Ben has been a full-time real estate professional since 2004, managing, rehabbing, and building properties.


Nate Brevard - sales and Operations /// 617.872.5243

A resident and investor in East Boston for seven years, Nate is intimately familiar with the neighborhood and has a deep understanding of the market. In addition to working with clients to buy and sell property, he is a property developer and building manager. He joined Eastie Realty, LLC in 2016 from the sustainable buildings industry. Nate graduated from Williams College in 2008 and is proficient in Mandarin Chinese.



Jean Goodman - Manager

Jean Goodman is a licensed construction supervisor with extensive training in Art & Architectural Conservation from the New York Institute of Fine Arts and a B.A. in Egyptology from Brown University. She has completed the training for moderate risk de-leading and home inspections. Jean supervises rehabilitations and maintenance. Not only does she wear the pants in the Goodman family, she usually wears the pink hard hat too.


Einstein - Chief Bringer of joy

Originally hailing from Calgary, deep in the Canadian prairie lands, Einstein set up residency in East Boston’s Jeffries point in 2011. An adopted former show dog, he enjoys taking walks along East Boston’s unparalleled waterfront and beautiful greenway. He joined the team with Nate in 2016 and spends a lot of time at our office.